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Build a glorious civilization in less than an hour!

Hexarchy is an easy to learn but hard to master turn-based strategy game. Complete a full game in less than an hour. Play single player or compete in no-wait multiplayer with up to 10 players. Hexarchy is a fast-paced strategy game. It takes the consequential decisions of a multi-hour 4x game and packs them into an action-packed hour long game.


Hexarchy is in active development and is frequently updated. We highly recommend you use the Itch App to launch it so that it stays up to date. Also, best to stay on the Beta channel and stay away from the UNSTABLE channel. You will only be able to play multiplayer against players on the same game version.

We strive to keep the Beta channel functional but because the game is still under development, please be patient with us if you encounter bugs, placeholder art, or missing features. Thanks!

Play online or single player

  • Join an online game with up to 10 players with our one click matchmaking system
  • All players take their turns simultaneously to minimize down-time
  • Play single player and customize the game to fit your style or to try different challenges


  • Research technologies and adopt civics to build a custom deck each game
  • Simple, compelling combat system
  • 10 Civilizations with unique abilities
  • Trade resources on a global market
  • Customize your units using promotions

Limitless strategies

  • Use your military units to capture any hex
  • Strategically destroy cards to tailor your deck to the situation
  • Is an enemy city too well defended? Take their food supply to starve them instead
  • Can't defeat an invading army in the field? Try cutting off their supply lines

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Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $15 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Windows Beta 382 MB
Version 357
Mac Beta 389 MB
Version 357
Windows UNSTABLE 382 MB
Version 357
Version 357

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What are the differences between the Steam Demo and the full versions?

I long for faster turn start animations, resizable UI and selectable nations.

Steam demo is just the tutorial. Full alpha version is configurable single player (including selecting your civ), daily challenges, and multiplayer.

What do you mean by the turn start animations? The score counting part? If so, we're in the process of changing the entire scoring system and that part is going away.

Do you want to resize the UI smaller or bigger?

Making the UI scalable would be neat, but I'm a small UI lover. As for the turn start, I did mean the unskippable score animations, yes.

Does the itch.io version come with a steam code?

Not at the moment. It's not out on Steam yet and Steam doesn't let you sell release override keys

Will that stay that way or will people who buy it now on itch.io also get a steam code after it is released there?

If Itch allows me to distribute keys that can be redeemed by past purchasers once we release on Steam, then yes.

I'm contacting Itch support to clarify that I can do this before committing to it. It seems to be the case from their documentation but I want to be sure it applies to people that purchased before I uploaded the external keys.

Will let you know once they write me back.

Thanks for the update and of course that you are willing to do that :-) That is actually enough for me to know. Just bought the game :-)

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This game is solid, love it! Both DRM-free and Steam version available - that's nice! Eye-candy graphics, AI is doing well, I haven't played much yet, but gameplay seems to be deep and I'll try to hook my friends on mutliplayer.

A few questions:

- If it's licensed under Apache - where is the code? Otherwise it's a shareware...

- what's the difference between Beta and UNSTABLE ?

- is there a reason why player can't pick a civilization?  How about adding match-level option to make it random for all players or picked from dropdown?

- How do I set my name for multiplayer?


- when expanding a blue card, the sub-cards have very small resource icon, hard to tell what's painted on it. I would enlarge those cards on hover over...

- please make a windowed mode, or at least add a selection of monitor where it runs.

Great feedback - thanks.

We plan to add the ability to rank your civ preferences before a multiplayer game. There also needs to be more differences between Civs.

Right now your multiplayer name is set based on your Steam ID when launching through Steam. We don't support Itch user IDs yet but we may add it.

UNSTABLE is whatever the latest build is and may not have been tested much if at all. Best to stick with the Beta branch. Players can only join multiplayer games with players on the same version.

We'll look into the card sizes for tech cards as well as adding a windowed mode.

The game's not open source. We have the alpha on here for free temporarily to acquire testers and build a community around the game. Speaking of which, hop on our Discord if you haven't already: https://discord.gg/rySTNdz